Pre-K (3y-4.5y) Trial - Hongs Martial Arts School of Tang Soo Do

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Pre-K (3y-4.5y) Trial

Trial Programs
Hong's Pre-K Martial Arts Program
Welcome to Hong's Martial Arts School. We have been teaching traditional Korean Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do in the Hudson Valley Region since 1974.
Our New Pre-K Martial Arts Program is designed to teach your child will learn basic Martial Arts skills, we will also be developing their physical and mental development; increase their attention span; build confidence; increase their hand-eye coordination and motor skills; develop sharing and social skills; decrease parent separation anxiety and much more.
   * As Martial Arts will be a new experience for your child, it may take several sessions before they are able to adjust to the class. Please do not be discouraged if your child is not participating in all activities of the class. Each child will participate in their own way.

In order to make the best out of our Pre-K Martial Arts program, we ask that you fully participate with your child. Please keep in mind that if this is your child's first class setting that they may need time to adjust. As active and fast learning children, they will still need time to observe prior to fully participating in the Martial Arts activities.

Each child will learn at their own speed and in order to help the child build their confidence, physical and mental development, increase their attention span and motor/social skills. The most important thing is for you as parents is to fully engage by exercising and participating in all activities with your child.

We look forward to creating a special experience with you and your child through our Pre-K Martial Arts Program.
Grand Master In Kee Hong
Fill in the form below and my friendly staff will be in touch to set up your child's FIRST Karate class!
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See you soon!

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